Hi everyone! Today we thought it would be nice to get a bit more personal and introduce some of our team. Over this year we hope to introduce you to more of the Freshwater Farm family so you can learn more about us as people!

There’s no better way to kick this off than with our Technical Manager, Wilson, who is in charge of laboratory at Freshwater Farm. Wilson’s job along with his team involves creating and perfecting all of our amazing products at Freshwater Farm. This includes designing formulas, sourcing only the best ingredients, testing products for safety and performance and ensuring our product quality remains top standard.

To begin tell us a little bit about yourself Wilson?

I love the outdoors and going on hikes and exploring different national parks. That being said, I’m about to go out camping for the first time ever at the age of 24, hahah! Basketball has been with me since primary school and a hobby I lean on regularly to clear my mind and keep fit.

What inspired you to be a Technical Manager?

After my time here as an intern in 2018, I became fascinated with the idea of taking an idea of a product to the shelves of a supermarket and the homes of consumers. Products that are great value and loved by the people that use them. On the other hand, I also saw this as an opportunity to make an impact on the industry from a sustainable manufacturing point of view which I’ll continue to carry and build on, the more we grow and expand our capabilities.

What is favourite part of your job?

Favourite thing would be watching project briefs turn into products on shelves, picking something up in a store knowing the work we put in to get it there is a great feeling.

What is your favourite sustainability hack?

Not necessarily a hack but the one thing that was a game changer for me was actually installing and using a compost bin, directly reducing the waste that ends up in landfill. Otherwise it’s literally bringing a water bottle with me everywhere I go, all day every day.

What is your favourite Freshwater Farm product?

Hemp Seed Oil Conditioner – in a nutshell, this little 70g bar represents everything we strive to achieve in our tech team – innovative, sustainable, functional

Thanks very much for your time Wilson!

We hope you enjoyed reading more about our team and what we are all about at Freshwater Farm. Let us know if you have any more questions for Wilson! Who would you like us to interview next?

Lots of love,

Freshwater Farm xo