Freshwater Farm Diary

International Women’s Day – Meet Our Team

Today we are celebrating all ladies around the world – shout out to you for being AMAZING! International Women’s Day is all about empowerment and recognition of some of the amazing achievements of Women so we thought today we would interview none other than Jane Hutcherson.

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How To Be More Sustainable This Christmas

by Freshwater Farm December 1, 2020
Our household waste increases A LOT around Christmas. Keep our planet happy and indulge this Christmas sustainably. Here are a few ideas on how ...

5 Easy Ways to be More Eco Friendly

by Freshwater Farm March 25, 2020
Hello!! Shoutout to all of our eco friendly earth loving friends! If you’re looking for a few tips to help you lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, this is the perfect article for you! These tips are simple and easy changes we can ALL make to our lives to help look after our planet. LOOK […]