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Hey friends, we are so excited to be celebrating the very first Australian Made Week with you! We thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to our wonderful brand ambassador Lizzie Welborn.

Read on to find out more about Lizzie!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself Lizzie.

Hey, I am Lizzie Welborn, a professional Ironwoman and I am super passionate about protecting our environment and oceans. I grew up in a family that loved the sea and since about 9 years old when I was a nipper at Bronte SLSC I have been obsessed with the sport!

How did you find out about Fresh Water Farm?

My partnership with Freshwater Farm started simply by a friend introducing me to Al, the ‘farmer joe’ of Freshwater Farm at the surf club a few months ago.  Because I’m passionate about the environment and Freshwater Farm produces environmentally friendly soaps and body care products, we discovered we have so much in common.

Freshwater Farm is near your favourite surfing spot, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s 20 minutes away from Seal Rocks, my favourite place on earth. I’ve been going to Seal Rocks with my family for as long as I can remember. It is a place that I associate with love, family, laughter, adventure and a deep connection with nature.

Why did you become a Freshwater Farm Brand Ambassador?

Freshwater Farm embodies the same values that I have. Freshwater Farm is a family run business, and the Farm is a place where they also venture to experience love and adventure. We all share a passion for caring for our natural environment, whether it is the beach or the land. It was a perfect match. They are thinking of ways that can help contribute to a cleaner planet whether it’s on the big scale such as growing all of their own local ingredients and using no nasties but to the little things such as using clear plastic bottles so they can be recycled right here in Australia instead of having to go overseas. It’s all these little things that make a big difference.

What is your favourite thing about Freshwater Farm?

I love to think of how cool the world would be if every business thought about the planet like Freshwater Farm in the production of their products. I’m super passionate about protecting our environment and I love to make sure I am doing every little thing that I can to make sure we’re living in a better world and buying products like Freshwater Farm is that little one percent that you can do. It’s really exciting to be partnered with a company that shares the same values as me.

Thank you so much Lizzie!

Lots of love,

Freshwater Farm xo