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Miracle Product – Customer Case Study

"I don't know what it is about your hemp products but literally your company's products are the only ones that literally take away my condition which had gone to full-blown dermatitis before I originally found them."

Our Product Development team here at Freshwater Farm work tirelessly to create beautiful natural products that are kind to your skin and the environment, there is nothing we love more than receiving a true testimonial of how our products have improved people’s lives.

Jessica suffered for years with painful dermatitis on her hands that became so bad at times she had to see her GP for treatment. Jessica preferred not to use steroid creams on her skin and instead tried natural alternatives like our Hemp Seed Oil range only to find, through a sensitivity test, that she was sensitive to hemp products. 

Jessica's story...

“My name is Jessica and I have had such a miracle with your Hemp handwash within only less than a month that I need to let you know. I was suffering from dermatitis on my hands so bad at some points in the last few years I saw the Dr for prescription creams which did not heal the condition. Then I changed my handwash between several products with nothing changing. I had tried so many creams to heal my hands over the last few years and not a single one healed them.

Only about three weeks ago now I was in Woolworths and saw your product range. I decided once more to change my handwash to see if it made a difference. Whilst at the store I was reading the description of your handwashes and everything sounded amazing though I had a little doubt as many other products had done nothing to change my hand situation.

Well it’s been about three weeks now on your handwash and my hands have not only healed but they are actually feel moisturised and soft and look better than in many many years.

Before using Freshwater Farm Hemp Seed Oil Hand Cream and Hand Wash
Redness due to severe dermititis
Redness is slightly going away
Healed hand

Thank you to your company your product not only did what it said but healed a condition I thought I was going to be stuck with forever. I’m in absolute awe! Whatever you are doing THANK YOU! You’ve saved my hands! I can’t believe what I spent on creams and washes etc over the last few years I’m so glad it has come to an end.”


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With love, from Freshwater Farm x