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Grown and harvested on the NSW coast

Grown and harvested right here on our family farm on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, our plantations of lemon myrtle, Tea-Tree, Lemon Scented Tea-Tree and Kunzea are cared for and curated by General Manager, Al Hutcherson. Al is passionate about biodiversity and sustainability in his farming and is constantly adding new Australian native plants to his thriving plantation.

Freshwater Farm & GoGo Juice

In early 2021, Allan noticed patches of the lemon myrtle trees in distress and decided to seek help from Neutrog’s R&D Manager, Dr. Uwe Stroeher. After sending soil samples to be examined by the Department of Primary Industries, Phytophthora cryptogea was identified as a present pathogen. Dr. Uwe determined the best help return the plants to good health would be to mix GOGO Juice with a biocontrol agent from his lab which had already shown promising signs of fighting other pathogens such as Pythium. Dr. Uwe prepared a 20L drum of the GOGO Juice and biocontrol agent mixture and sent it off to Freshwater Farm for trial on the effected plants.

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BODY WASH | Soothing Lemon Myrtle Oil + Manuka Honey 500ml

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HAND WASH | Soothing Lemon Myrtle Oil + Manuka Honey 500ml

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From Our Farm

Many of the plants used to create the essential oils used in our product range are grown on our very own farm, situated on the NSW mid-North Coast. This includes our Tea Tree, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Lavender Tea Tree and Salt Bush. These plants are also essential in producing our Manuka Honey as the bees feed on the flowering Lemon Scented Tea Tree, the pollen of which is used to produce Manuka Honey. Buy Farm Honey here .


To Your Skin…

Our pure castile Hand Washes, Body Washes and Bar Soaps will leave your skin feeling cleansed and hydrated without any drying chemicals or nasties in sight! Our product are safe for the entire family, from head to toe, from our family to yours. View the product range HERE .

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